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The Saudi Network, Trade and business informations and links to Saudi Arabia, Arabian gulf and middle east area.
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13 ways to tap into the power of e-mail

Success on the Internet requires more than just a website. It entails participating in forums on a regular basis, utilization of chat groups with your area of expertise, composing on line articles and/or columns, and most important, it means tapping into the power of email.

Here are some strategies for marketing online:

  1. Build and use an email list – become more familiar with online classified ads, ezines, and newsletters that reach your market
  2. Use an effective subject line – this is very important . . . you may not have another chance to get your prospects attention – a subject line on email is the equivalent of a teaser line on a direct mail envelope
  3. Compose your email offline
  4. Keep your message short – do not waste people’s time . . . if they want more information, they will ask for it
  5. Test your markets – stay in regular contact with your customers and prospects for freshness in their mind
  6. Create an email library – as successful emails, letters, and information is developed, save it for future use
  7. Do not contribute to any online discussion unless you have something relevant and interesting to say
  8. Be consistent with people – develop relationships with people
  9. Pay attention to your message’s style and clarity
  10. Utilize an effective signature – this is like your business card, but electronic
  11. Choose your email address and website that helps market and promote your business
  12. Provide useful information that is not hyped
  13. Test your image – test your email, messages, and/or letters with individuals you know before you email.

There are many other ways to promote E commerce, business revenue, and marketing for your business via the Internet. If you have any comments, please email us and if you would like to find out more about our company, the company we represent, and our online marketing system, please email us with "Email" in the subject line and email me at webmaster@The-Saudi.Net

Is it hype or real?

What is the big deal about the Internet? Is everyone making and every company making great money with the Internet or is it hype? We see ads, read articles, and get messages in our email address that depict certain stories, but … what is the reality?

Well, I can’t answer for everyone, but I know the results I have gotten and the results I have gotten for others over the last 3 years. Considering the Internet is new for most, about 5 years is old, there is not a long history. The growth of the Internet can’t be ignored – 140,000,000+ users currently. Look at the wealth that has been built with companies like eBay,,, and several other companies. And, don’t forget, the Net is great for communicating to others.

But, what is at stake? How do you utilize the Net to make money with? For you? For your company? Well, I think the first thing we should address is "people are people" no matter how you slice it! The Net is an information highway, a tool, and a place where you can do research. It is also a place where you can buy goods and services in your pajamas from anywhere in the world. Again, how can you and your company benefit? Well, if we covered all basis and the things I have taught others, it would take a small book. There are a few things you can do to create loyal clients, increase customer service, and add to your bottom line. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep an updated list of email addresses of all customers
  2. Email all of your customers once every 3 to 4 weeks a newsletter, some information, special pricing, and some type of tid bits that will be of benefit to them – there is a way you can email in Outlook Express to thousands in just about 20 minutes
  3. Make sure you have a great Website that is interactive, informative, comfortable, easy to navigate, visited again, updated, not scrollable, and reflection of you and your company (how your website looks and feels on the Net will be the difference)
  4. Teach your sales and marketing people how to market and sell on the Net – This is a class in itself – You will receive the next fax newsletter about "The Power of Email"
  5. Incorporate your website into your real world marketing – Market your website on your business cards, your brochures, your ads, your faxes, your letters, and any other customer/prospect contacts
  6. People want and demand more service than ever before – Give them the service and follow up by getting in front of them on a constant basis – There is more competition than ever before because of technology and the global market
  7. And … there is a host of other strategies.

We hope that the above information has been informative to you. If you need any help, have questions, have ideas, have comments, please feel free to contact me.

What Does The Future (Today) Look Like For YOU?

Are You Ready and Prepared?

The next 10 years will deliver an explosion of tiny computers and digital bandwidth. Many changes will take place with the Internet. The global market will open up to those who can get the job done quicker and less expensive with the technology we have now and the technology that will come to market. This technology will serve up information that will turn every market global and instantaneous and every industry will be on the edge or fall to the way side.

There is good and bad news. The good news: Rapid change, huge markets, and plentiful capital. This will help more people grow rich. The bad news: Any idea that works will be copied with days or hours. Many of our competitors reside offshore, which is not good for our patent and copyright laws. Many will run with what others have developed not caring.

If you consider that approximately 75% of the product-life gross margins for a typical PC are earned within its first 90 days of sales, there is no room for the slow moving. With the technology we have now, and especially with the technology we will have in a few years (months), products and services will cycle even faster!

The information above causes a most important question to pop up in your mind, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP UP? For the slow, cautious and tired, these are bleak times. Chips and bandwidth will cause things to speed up faster. The Yankee Group’s Howard Anderson foresees businesses and business people in two camps: the "quick and the dead".

There is hope for all, but it means change. Change is a difficult thing for most, especially those of us who have done things a certain way for awhile that has worked. Well, many of these models (not speaking about values and/or morals) are being shattered at an astounding rate. I just read an article about a Russian business man. He contracted out his computer and software programming to other programmers in Russia and did it for 1/10th the US cost and he got the same quality. What would you do as a business owner? Businesses are being forced to compete like never before, whether you and I like it or not. This will increase more and more.

I could give you many ideas about what to do … the most important: Don’t get set in your ways of doing things, be open to new ideas, listen to your employees, get an Internet game plan, and be watchful of what other businesses are doing.




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